Saving Lecture Videos Embedded in Adobe HDS

TL;DR – php script for downloading and gluing together fragments of video

Lectures from academic half days are usually recorded, but saving them onto your computer is not always supported.

Usually, this can be circumvented by looking for the actual flv file that you’re downloading, but things get more complicated with Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

Basically, the file is being split up into hundreds/thousands of little fragments which are being downloaded sequentially instead of downloading one giant file.

The AdobeHDS.php script gathers up all those itty bitty fragments and glues them into a nice flv file that you can watch on your morning commute 😉

To use, you’ll need to identify the url for the f4m file, the manifest for all those little fragments. In Firefox, pull up the console (control + shift + K) and select the ‘Net’ filter. Open the video, and look for a request for the f4m file.

php ~/path/to/your/script/AdobeHDS.php "http://some.url.for/the_manifest_file.f4m"


(hat tip to N1nja Hacks).

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