Mirror a Folder as Project in Things

TL;DR – Hazel sees a folder tagged “Mirror_in_Things” and runs an AppleScript to create a new project in Things, and to-dos for each file with link back to the file

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Automatically Download Liked Soundcloud Songs with IFTTT and Hazel

Soundcloud is my favourite place to find new music and I often can’t find a way to buy the music elsewhere. There are online services that can help download the song mp3 from the url, but I decided to automate the process. With the help of Hazel and IFTTT, you should be able to click on the ‘like’ button and the mp3 will pop up in your iTunes.Read More »


Email files to yourself automatically

I use Dropbox for accessing my files from any computer at any time, but unfortunately the hospital I work at blocks it. I found myself having to email files to myself often to be able to access them from the hospital network.

Using Hazel and a command-line tool called mutt, I now have a folder where I drop files to automatically email myself.Read More »


Hazel-based Snooze for Physical Files

One of the things I’ve embraced about GTD is the idea of the tickler file system. This is accomplished really well in to-do applications like Things, and in the Mailbox app for emails, but I wanted to create a similar system for physical files.Read More »


Make your iPhone into a TV remote for the morning news

Wake up in the morning, brew your coffee and bring it over to the TV. Open the DO button app on your iPhone, tap a button and have your computer automatically connect to Apple TV and start up your favourite news stream. Here’s how it works:Read More »