Sending iMessages from the command line

Found a useful post over at Henry’s Mac on sending iMessages from terminal/AppleScript:

Here’s the code:

osascript -e 'tell application "Messages" to send "Test" to buddy "1##########" of (1st service whose service type = iMessage)'

Automatically Download Liked Soundcloud Songs with IFTTT and Hazel

Soundcloud is my favourite place to find new music and I often can’t find a way to buy the music elsewhere. There are online services that can help download the song mp3 from the url, but I decided to automate the process. With the help of Hazel and IFTTT, you should be able to click on the ‘like’ button and the mp3 will pop up in your iTunes.Read More »

Stretch Break Reminder

Sitting is the new smoking. It has been associated with all sorts of untoward effects – among them, hypertension, diabetes, and premature mortality.

While minimizing the amount of time spent sitting is the best strategy, some of us just don’t have that luxury. I spend hours each day sitting, whether it’s in the lecture theatre or when I’ve come home and studying at the desk.

What I’ve found helps is to have a little reminder to get up every 15 minutes, to take a stretch break. Terminal notifier is a small tool to quickly send reminder through the notification centre built into Mac OS.Read More »