Sending iMessages from the command line

Found a useful post over at Henry’s Mac on sending iMessages from terminal/AppleScript:

Here’s the code:

osascript -e 'tell application "Messages" to send "Test" to buddy "1##########" of (1st service whose service type = iMessage)'

Stretch Break Reminder

Sitting is the new smoking. It has been associated with all sorts of untoward effects – among them, hypertension, diabetes, and premature mortality.

While minimizing the amount of time spent sitting is the best strategy, some of us just don’t have that luxury. I spend hours each day sitting, whether it’s in the lecture theatre or when I’ve come home and studying at the desk.

What I’ve found helps is to have a little reminder to get up every 15 minutes, to take a stretch break. Terminal notifier is a small tool to quickly send reminder through the notification centre built into Mac OS.Read More »