Selected Event in Calendar → Things To Do

This script will make to-do’s in Things based on the name and date of the selected event in Calendar.

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Rethinking Tags in Things: Triaging “Must Do” and “Would Be Nice” Tasks

I stumbled upon this blog post from Roo Reynolds on using emojis in Things and I have been experimenting with using them for tags.

If you’re like me, the number of tasks to complete daily can be overwhelming. While it would be nice to finish them all, usually there are only a subset that I *really* want to accomplish.

Every morning, I go through my list and tag to-dos that are “must do” with ⚠️ and those that “would be nice” with 🙌. I’ve found that this helps me further focus my Today list.

To bring up the emoji character palette, hit space bar + command + control.

Alphabetize Things To-Dos

I often schedule chapters to read from a textbook as separate to-dos. If you stay on top of them, they usually come up in order. When they are re-scheduled, sometimes the order gets jumbled.

This is a short script that takes the selected to-dos and moves them into the ‘Today’ list by alphabetical order. Be warned, it is not the most efficient…you may be stuck waiting for a while if you run this on a large list.Read More »