Keyboard Shortcut to Delete Files/Folders

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Automating Anki, Part 2: Adding Cards, Reviewing Shortcuts

After setting up your automated screenshots, you can further simplify the Anki card making process with this script – what it does: keyboard press ‘command-enter’ to add current Anki card, switch to Preview, then keyboard press ‘down arrow’ to move to the next slide.Read More »

Automating Screenshots in Anki

I started using Anki in the second half of first year and haven’t looked back. If you’re able to keep up with the cards every day, it spreads out studying over the year and prevents the end-of-the-year-oh-my-god-finals-are-in-a-week-must-cram-freak-out.Read More »


A better way to add songs to playlists in iTunes

I think I have a problem. I love music. I hoard all those precious mp3s, and my iTunes collection now includes over 20,000 songs and 100 playlists filed in various folders. That makes dragging a song to a playlist a pain.

With smart playlists and applescript, you can accomplish this much quicker.Read More »