Control Anki with your PlayStation Controller

Quick Summary: In an effort to make studying your flashcards more fun, set up your Playstation controller with your Mac to control Anki.Read More »


Rethinking Tags in Things: Triaging “Must Do” and “Would Be Nice” Tasks

I stumbled upon this blog post from Roo Reynolds on using emojis in Things and I have been experimenting with using them for tags.

If you’re like me, the number of tasks to complete daily can be overwhelming. While it would be nice to finish them all, usually there are only a subset that I *really* want to accomplish.

Every morning, I go through my list and tag to-dos that are “must do” with ⚠️ and those that “would be nice” with 🙌. I’ve found that this helps me further focus my Today list.

To bring up the emoji character palette, hit space bar + command + control.