Batch Postpone Things To-Dos

You can postpone to-dos in Things individually, but what if you need to postpone multiple tasks by a certain number of days?

You could just re-schedule them…but what if each has a different activation date? and you want to preserve the overall structure of the scheduling?

Here’s an AppleScript that does just that!

Takes your selected to-dos, finds out the activation date and reschedules by a user-determined number of days.

FYI: this doesn’t work for tasks already assigned to a project. To get around this, you can move the tasks to an Area, run the script, then move them back into the project. Just make sure you tag before running the script to be able to find them afterwards 🙂

tell application "Things"
	display dialog "Postpone the selected To-Dos by how many days?" default answer ""
	set theNumber to text returned of result as number
	set theList to the selected to dos
	repeat with theToDo in theList
		set theCurrentDueDate to activation date of theToDo
		schedule theToDo for (theCurrentDueDate + (24 * 60 * 60 * theNumber))
	end repeat
end tell

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